Mike Shane (Mikey)

Mikey with an adoring fan :-)

Mikey with an adoring fan 🙂

Michael Shane, Mikey, has been singing it seems forever.  He has been known to wake up singing, go to bed singing, and sing throughout the day.  Mike’s love of music started with his older brother and sisters collection of 45’s which he still has up in his closet. He would dance around singing into hairbrush songs such as, I Saw Her Standing There, by the Beatles and Satisfaction, by The Rolling stones.

His first band was called “Justin Tyme” when bands like Aerosmith ruled the rock scene his band excelled in doing their covers. Mike has been linked to The Hound Dogs and CA3.  Michael loves singing and playing with the right bunch of fellows. It is his goal to continue to work with local musicians, none better than the Rocking 45’s,   to play the songs that make people want to sing and dance along. Mike can be found strolling the Nautical Mile in Freeport on most given weekends.  He has been pointed out as “that guy “by many of the local people.

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  • Eddie

    March 14, 2015

    Michael Shane ( And His Band ) is a great guy # 1, & # 2, he’s a great entertainer with high energy. For a man his size and for a man of his young age, he’s definitely got it going on, And the lady’s and crowd just love him. He is without a doubt a crowd pleaser and rarely takes a break. I recommend this band highly if you love to dance and enjoy yourself all night. Keep up the good work Mike and The Rocking 45s. See You All Soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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